Location Intelligence at your fingertips

Location data has become commodity in the past years. Exploiting the value of it by extracting information from raw data or by using location information as a leverage to combine disparate data sources and to add contextual information, however, has not. Discover how our services can help you to harness the power of location intelligence.

Actionable insights

Data is rapidly created but rarely used. Locus strives to make location data matter in your business. We fuel data-driven processes with the power of location and help you to change your decisions from reactive to pre-emptive. Ranging from reference data over reports and interactive dashboards to statistical models, we deliver the right amount of information you need.


Data analytics

Data rapidly grows in both diversity and complexity, making it harder to identify patterns and derive useful information. Starting from the view that everything happens somewhere, spatial context is rooted firmly at the center of our analyses. Whether trying to understand what has, is or will happen, location reveals relationships which would otherwise remain unused.

Data engineering

The emergence of location intelligence introduces novel components in your data infrastructure. These components require in-depth knowledge of the data sources and tools necessary to reliably enrich your data with contextual information. Scalability and adaptability are central in our design, resulting in flows that add value regardless of how small or big your data is or might become.


Solution design

Many paths lead to the same destination. However, the complexity and novelty of location analytics make connecting the dots along the optimal path a considerable challenge. Because of our broad, multi-disciplinary approach to location intelligence, we create solutions that optimally utilize existing data, technologies and our shared expertise.


Innovative ideas are created through open dialogue, combining multiple perspectives on the challenges at hand. As location data gains in importance, Locus can offer a crucial piece of this puzzle. Through our collective experience and strong domain knowledge, we contribute new opportunities and help to shape the next frontier of your location intelligence.