Locus is a diverse team of business analysts, data scientists and data engineers with a shared passion for location data.

Our multi-skilled team allows us to deliver from A-Z, while each one of us can focus on their passion.

The Locus DNA

We’re driven by the belief that (geo)data supports better decision-making. However, to drive change, one needs to understand a problem entirely. Location is our denominator to understand the context in which phenomena take place. Our thorough know-how and the childlike enthusiasm of everything related to X&Y makes us the perfect partner for your location intelligence challenges.

We pool our collective expertise in solution design and data engineering, analysis and visualization to rise to each challenge presented by our clients. Our broad knowledge base allows us to cope with an ever-changing landscape of available data and technological capabilities, and to select appropriate building bricks for the challenge ahead.

Creativity and curiosity

We enjoy working with location data and try to bring this spark into each project we tackle. Don’t expect plain answers. We like to co-discover solutions and new opportunities.

Technology agnostic

We use our knowledge of open and proven technologies to implement sustainable solutions best suited to the challenges you face.

Holistic mindset

Our work is meant to be part of a whole. We aim to find synergies within your organization, to create solutions and find answers that get the most out of your data.

We like to challenge and be challenged. To keep learning and continuously expand what we know with what we don’t. To share experiences, collaborate and grow new ideas to serve our clients in the best possible way. We do not believe in picture-perfect trajectories but do commit to give it all we’ve got.


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