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Everything happens somewhere

Smart cities to live in

Shape cities using location intelligence.

Adopt data-driven urban planning. Dig data for green space management. Discover your data assets for mobility & local policy-making. That’s (y)our way to a sustainable & vibrant urban environment.

Smart mobility

Understand movement patterns.

Data moves you in every sense of the word. Extract actionable insights from massive amounts of movement data. Benefit from geospatial big data analytical and visualization capabilities.

Informed organizations

Enterprise location intelligence.

Don’t be blind. Empower your analyses and operations with location-based insights. Use location data to combine scattered data sources and unlock hidden value.

Go for the best of both worlds. Location Intelligence combines long-proven value of GIS with opportunities of big data, machine learning and AI. Everything is happening somewhere. Location information offers a holistic view that enables you to manage and understand the challenges you face. Let’s integrate your business and contextual information.
You’ll get actionable insights to move towards fact-based decision-making. We’ll help you move forward in spatial analytics and visualization, geo-enabled Business Intelligence or geo-AI.

Create neighbourhoods great to live in

You want smarter cities? It’s all about data. Or wait… it’s about data + its location. You’ll not only need to know what’s happening. You’ll need to know where it’s happening. Location is your fundamental building block to relate all kinds of information in urban areas. Monitor your city throughout multiple dimensions. Moreover, do it in an efficient and hassle-free way. Locus helps you to monitor smarter, steer real-time decisions or analyze different scenarios in, for example, urban planning.


Monitor public assets

To prevent problems, you have to be eagle-eyed. Be prepared for the multitude of data sources available. Which living areas lack access to public green space? How does tree canopy cover evolve over time? Which roads are prioritized based on mapping road damages? And more questions are waiting for answers. Extract data and tackle them in a (semi-)automated way. Don’t miss the shift from a reactive mode to a proactive setting. Support your decisions and prioritize investments by using artificial intelligence. That’s smart!

Optimize Quality of Life

We only live once. So, it makes sense to optimize the quality of our living environment. Are public services and facilities easy to reach? How about accessibility of public transport? Do you know about exact mobility patterns? Is there any noise pollution? How about the air quality? These are some of the parameters that make or break quality of life. Are you incorporating these data into your urban planning or transport planning?

Create smart mobility

‘Mobility’ starts with an M. Just as ‘measure’ and ‘monitor’. Add ‘analyze’, ‘act’ and ‘evaluate’ and start to move forward – even literally – by understanding vehicle movements or people flows. Thanks to anonymized location data you’ll conduct space-time analytics and gain actionable insight for a multitude of use cases. Don’t know where to start? That’s exactly why we’re here to advise you.

Data-driven policy

Can you tell if your mobility measures are effective? For sure? Reduce guessing. Start monitoring easily. Traffic density, preferred versus cut-through routes or travel time? Identify traffic flow bottlenecks or hotspots of speed violations. Start steering policy decisions using actionable insights.

Improved commuting

Assess the impact of commuting trips, considering travel time, costs and external costs. Spot opportunities to realize a modal shift. The best place for a new branch? We let the data speak for itself.

Be an informed organization

Not one company has its activities in a vacuum. Neither does yours. It’s all taking place in a context. The geo-aspect is the common denominator to relate often loosely coupled sources of business information. Hence, you need a good understanding and application of spatial context to gain a competitive advantage. That’s exactly what you get by calling on our experience.

Bye bye breakdowns

Every second you are not operational as a utility company is a problem. Detect faster where malfunctions are located. Or better: prevent being malfunctional. Spatial context is key in your risk management. Use advanced geo-analytics to assess the impact of mitigating measures. This way you’ll be able to prioritize maintenance and structural investments.

Smart expansion & marketing

You want to know how profitable an extra branch in your network would be? Or where to focus your marketing to boost ROI? Get adequate predictions by learning from historic data and considering local context.

Location allocation

The success of a business is to a large extent defined by its local context. Understand the specific parameters driving your success. That’s key to maximize your target market coverage, develop a successful growth strategy or optimize your existing retail network.